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Widened Type - Topmart 2-Tier Sponge Dog Ramp

Widened Type - Topmart 2-Tier Sponge Dog Ramp

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Product Information

Product size: 16*16*12inches
product net weight: 2.49pounds
sponge net weight: 1.89 pounds

  • sponge
  • foam
  • new

Free Gift: Static brush

Topmart 2-Tier Widened Anti-Slip Pet Dog Stairs for Injured Dogs, Elderly Pets with Joint Pains

Length * Width * Height: 16 inches*16 inches*12 inches

  • Safer, Wider, Deeper Steps: Our dog stairs are perfect for older dogs or injured cats who have mobility issues as they age. Best for low sofas, stairs, and lower places
  • Wider and deeper steps help reduce the stress on pets' joints caused by constant jumping up and down when getting out of bed or on the sofa.
  • Advisory Service
  • Recycling
  • free shipping
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