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Topmart 3-Ply Large Sponge Dog Ladder Replacement Set

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This cover is suitable for TOPMART three-tier large pet ramp
Product size: length 24 * width 15.7 * height 15.7 inch


Soft and comfortable: The corduroy on the surface provides pets with a soft touch, and pets will feel safe when they step on the surface.
Easy installation and cleaning: Designed for the equipment, it is convenient to clean the stairs in one minute, it is convenient for us to install cleaning equipment, and it can be cleaned by machine.
Non-slip: Unlike ordinary shading, the cat's paw-shaped sole is more cute and restrained.
Note: Product size is for Topmart&Ramps 3 Tiers 3 only and may not be available for other sizes of pet stairs


Product size: length 24 * width 15.7 * height 15.7 inch
Cloth cover: 0.52 pounds
1 piece pack


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