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All content contained in this website (including but not limited to: text, pictures, circles. Web pages
The ownership of the video and sound content database, program, LOGO logo, layout design, column catalog and name, content classification) belongs to Topmart and related rights holders.
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The provisions on copyright protection in the International Convention on Copyright of the Chinese People's Republic of China and the protection of other relevant laws and regulations shall abide by the provisions of the Copyright Law and other relevant laws and regulations
The rights and interests of the website owner and related rights holders shall not be violated.

(3) Copyright objection.
If the right holder believes that the text, pictures, sound and video materials involved in the content of this website (hereinafter referred to as "materials") infringe their copyright, they shall notify this website in writing in a timely manner, and shall provide corresponding supporting materials. The website will delete the "material" allegedly infringed or disconnect the corresponding link in accordance with the law; however, if the right holder fails to provide valid identification, copyright ownership and evidence of infringement, it will be deemed that no objection has been raised. This website does not assume any responsibility if the website mistakenly deletes the "material" or disconnects the link to the "material" due to the written notice of the right holder.
(4) Reprint.
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3. Disclaimer
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Hereby declare.

In the event of any concerns or complaints about possible violation of intellectual property rights please send us an email at p@whosebilling. com, identifying with specificity the rights alleged to be violated and the accused products).(This email address is just for intellectual property rights and legal issues. other requests may not get respondence.)