Topmart Year-End Benefits / Buyer Show Collection

Topmart Year-End Benefits / Buyer Show Collection

✨#Topmart Mengpet Collection Order#✨Come and get it! !
#Show a beautiful photo of your plush baby#
details of the event:
The new year is approaching, and the Topmart brand has been fully upgraded. As the first batch of product experience officers for Topmart products, we solicit buyers' shows on Facebook&instagram&pinterest. And select three users to send our pet gift pack (including three value-added products).

Event participation:
Follow the public accounts of any of the above social software: Topmart
1 There is no limit to the number of words to send an article, @Topmart

2 Buyers show at least 3 pieces

3. Like + bookmark this post

Participation rewards:
1. Release notes:
Send the same cloth cover for the dog climbing ladder or receive a 20 yuan coupon (99-20)

2. Send a post with 100 likes
Receive 50 coupons (199-50)

3. Send a post with 500 likes
Free one piece of blind box in the store (no specified style)
Grand Prize: Three pets will be selected to give away our pet gift packages, and they will be listed on the Topmart official website homepage and become stars.
Event date: 2022.12.20-2023.1.30
#Topmart Mengpet Collection Order/Buyer Show#
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