How to choose a dog ladder?

How to choose a dog ladder?

Dogs are naturally active species, and many dogs like to jump up and down on the sofa, bed, and at home. This behavior is very likely to cause irreparable damage to the body of a senior dog. To solve this problem, pet ladders are an indispensable item.

Our dog climbing ladder is suitable for dogs with short limbs and long stature, such as Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, and elderly dogs who are inconvenient to move around.

How to choose a dog ladder?

  1. According to the steps

With age, dogs gradually gain weight, have limited mobility, and lack energy. In particular, the dog's joints, muscles and bones are affected. Therefore, when choosing a pet climbing ladder, it must be selected according to the physical needs of the dog. According to the size of the dog, we should have different choices in the height of the steps. Similar to the high height of the steps, the lumbar spine of the small dog may be in the position of The state of being under physical pressure for a long time will induce the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation. We prefer to use sponge material ladders for this type of climbing, and choose the appropriate number of steps according to the size of the dog.

  1. According to the material

If it is a large dog, pay attention to the pressure of the body shape on the climbing ladder, and can not choose too soft, so as to avoid the collapse of the climbing ladder caused by stepping on it for a long time, in order to prevent accidental bumps and injuries. The surface fabric should be soft, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. For this type of climbing ladder, we recommend a plastic material on the inside and a flannel cover on the outside, which can better protect the body of large dogs.

How to choose a dog ladder? - TOPMART

The sponge climbing ladder is made by one-time computer molding. The 30D density high-elastic sponge can bear a maximum load of 50 pounds. It is not easy to collapse and has good support. Dogs have no worries about bumping. and spine. The fully open double-head zipper design on the side of the ladder jacket is easy to disassemble and wash, saving time and worry. A variety of colors can be selected, suitable for different sofas, and the height ranges from two to five layers to meet different needs. The bottom is designed with non-slip particles, which has good fixation, which can effectively prevent the ladder from drifting and protect the safety of dogs. In addition, there are two kinds of materials: waterproof corduroy jacket and corduroy jacket, which can be used interchangeably in daily life.

The plastic climbing ladder is made of high-strength plastic, only weighs 3.75 pounds, easy to carry, can be easily moved to where it needs to be used, simple installation, no tools required, soft faux cashmere fabric The cloth cover is very non-slip, and the bottom is attached with 6 non-slip The small round pad can prevent the dog from stepping on the ladder and cause the ladder to slip and cause danger.

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