How to choose a cat hammock?

How to choose a cat hammock?

Many parents of fur children will find that their cats often like to look out of the window, or lean against the window to bask in the sun.

A study showed that in 557 cats,

Nearly 75% of the cats spent more than 3 hours a day "looking out the window".

Then it seems necessary to install a cat hammock by the window sill. Let's start choosing cat beds.

Step 1: Before we start to choose, we need to determine the load-bearing capacity of the hammock. To see if the weight of the hammock can support our cat owner, if the hammock is bought home just because it looks good, but the load weight exceeds the level it can bear, it is not only prone to danger, but also greatly reduces the service life.

Step 2: Look at the type, the suction cup hammock is a very versatile classic style. It can be easily fixed to the glass, suitable for rooms with large sunlight or glass windows. This kind of hammock can best satisfy the curiosity of cats, especially when it is attached to the glass window, and observe the world outside the window while basking in the sun. Not to mention how happy

The third step: choose the material, the most suitable hammock for winter is the non-fleece material. Soft and comfortable, with high warmth, it can be used in cold weather or in air-conditioned rooms.

There is also a hammock made of sisal, which can also grind claws while resting.

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